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我们做了什么安迪(又名 英国男孩 )这周做???


今天的学习’s youth in a meaningful constructive manner. Google Scholar shows 那
将教育和(视频游戏)娱乐都融合为一种理想的产品?任天堂曾尝试在NES的早期图书馆中采用这种方法,当时它的教育名称是Donkey Kong Jr. Math,这是当今的主题。’的审查。值得吗“addition”到您的书架上“subtract”学习带来的乐趣?稍后会有更多基于数学的双关语…



小金刚(Donkey Kong Jr. Math)于1986年在欧洲NES上发布,其分类为
“教育娱乐” –它甚至在盒子上都注明是“Education Series”.
利基比根据“Robot Series” of games
那 Gyromite and Stack Up was. It is disconcerting than in the attempt to amalgamate
order to win. Yep, nothing more sinister or as involved then 那. All your favourite
mathematical treats are here, 加成, 减去ion, multiplication and don’t forget division!
经常批评游戏不是一种有价值的学习工具,但是,《大金刚》(Donkey Kong Jr.)
Math attempts to blow 那 theory right out the water. Key word being, attempts.

+ -x /锻炼。当您选择练习A时,您’再见了驴王举起一个
then the symbol and so on and so on until you get to the number 那 DK is holding at the
最佳。真的没有’t get any more taxing or difficult as 那. It may tax the brain at times to
platforming level 那 you could get from a level created in Super Mario Maker designed by a 5 year old who was blindfolded.



您解决难题,直到赢得一定数目,然后…that’s it. Calculate B is the same as the first game mode but the number DK holds is much higher so it requires even more thought than before. The only good thing is 那 after each sum you get a total thus far so you know how close you are to the total and an idea of how to proceed. However, it is laborious and does take away a lot of the fun 那 if the game was designed different could have made the point of the game a lot better. The mathematical symbol Exercise mode you are presented with a sum and you have to solve it, but in such a convoluted way 那 again it could have been more fun if better executed. You climb up the vines 那 go up from 1-0 which changes the digit in question at the top right of the problem 那 needs solving but it doesn’不会告诉您是否在正确的方向上求解方程,因此实际上您可以在葡萄树上上下移动,直到获得正确的数字。葡萄藤与单位值所属的列有关,例如几十,几百,几千等。听起来比它复杂,但又没有那么有趣。

模式,那么您必须比对手更快地解决屏幕顶部的图形–你应该这样做吗’re rewarded with a point. The overall gameplay does resemble 那 of Donkey Kong Jr so if you are familiar with the game mechanics of 那 then it transposes pretty much the same as Donkey Kong Jr. Math which is not a bad thing, which in a platforming game works well but when trying to solve maths problems, then it doesn’t work as well. Another aspect of the gameplay is 那 your mathematical quiz master Donkey Kong can ask for negative numbers which again adds a level of unnecessary challenge. Music and sound effects, it’用最基本的曲调和粗糙的声音效果启动不是最令人鼓舞的。没关系。但是,如果您打算播放此曲目,建议您准备一个良好的播放列表,或者至少拥有一本有关解决毕达哥拉斯的有声读物。’定理,用Pi端着算盘用算盘站立。



而不是完全随机地使用某人。然而,在生活中,这种想法并没有’t quite
pan out in its execution. To start, Donkey Kong Jr moves so slowly 那 you try pushing your
d-pad希望他能更快地移动,但徒劳无功。从藤蔓爬到藤蔓是乏味的,事实是数学符号的位置已经移动了,所以从本质上讲,当您选择数字然后选择符号时,下一个数字可能会出现在屏幕上,这会花费时间,并使过程更加复杂。那么费劲。游戏玩法不是最吸引人的,并且在本次评测中玩了一段时间,它没有’t have the impact or result 那 now this reviewer is somewhat of a mathemtical genius (arrgh dammit! – Ed).

时间,游戏并没有获得很好的欢迎,很容易理解为什么– you don’t need a
calculator to add up 那 boring gameplay and clunky controls, times with simplified boring
questions equals a game 那 not only gave edutainment titles a bad name but also is a
game to avoid if you want to play a game 那 gives the impression of making you learn.